Find Best Under Counter Coffee Maker in 2014 - Perfect Choice!

The under counter coffee maker is an appliance worthy of your time to scout though. So the next time you will need a buddy to make your life easier in the kitchen, why not grab this decent little appliance?

Under Cabinet Coffee MakerConventional coffee makers has got a new face with its sibling the under counter coffee maker. This is a part of the long studies for innovation chopping the size of coffee makers to fit the modern lifestyle while keeping the advanced functions still intact. 


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Since these under cabinet coffee maker have been out for quite some time, there are a lot of manufacturers creating their own versions of such. Because of this, choosing that one perfect under counter coffee maker can be confusing. Here is a guide to help you up though.

Benefits of Using Under Counter Coffee Maker

Once you have got the entire guide considered and that you have got the best under cabinet coffee maker that will suit your needs, you are in to garner its benefits. Here are some of the pros of its use.

  • Under counter coffee maker is perfect for small kitchens. It has a compact design that can fit perfectly on a small kitchen space that will not actually eat up a lot of space on your counter. It is even easy to store in cabinets as it comes small.
  • Most of the new models of under cabinet coffee maker have advanced features that brew coffee even without supervision. This is perfect when you have been multitasking as it can do its tasks by itself.
  • It comes in sleek and shiny making it easy to clean. By just wiping off its surface with clothe, it comes to appear good as new already.
  • It matches perfectly well with other kitchen appliances. Its modern design gives it a pop that will surely match with modern appliances in your kitchen.

All of these are just bits of the benefits you can get. Know that there are more than these.

Top Under the Counter Coffee Maker in Market!

Black & Decker and Brewmatic Under Counter Coffee Maker are two best known under cabinet coffee maker brands today!

Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker

The Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker is the excellent coffee machine model of 2014

Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMakerIncluding an under the counter configuration, Black & Decker SDC850 offers a number of attributes that you will discover very valuable for readying a warm cup of tasty coffee.

This room conserving machine permits you to make approximately eight cups of coffee and also assists you to save a great deal of space to leave your kitchen area clean and minimalist.

Black and Decker under counter coffee maker features a simple to utilize on/off button that starts the brewing process, a detachable mixture container and a removable water tank to make certain simple dental filling. Apart from this, Black & Decker Spacemaker likewise features a digital control board, freshness sign and a programmable clock.

This under the counter coffee maker also includes a delay-brew function, which is fantastic for making wake-up coffee. Its Sneak-A-Cup interrupt option quits the flow of coffee so that you can put a fast cup of midbrew.

Black & Decker SDC850 Under Counter Coffee Maker supplies cord storage, Save-A-Plug site receptacle, installing design template and placing instructions to ensure its simple installment.

In a modern stainless and black style, this under cabinet coffee maker could most definitely compliment any kitchen design, which could all assist you to obtain a great sampling cup of coffee in the house.

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Brewmatic Built-In Coffee Maker

Brewmatic Coffee Maker Ideal for solitary mug offices, enthusiasts and commuters, Brewmatic Under Counter Coffee Maker is a stainless under the cabinet coffee maker that allows you to have a number of mugs of delicious and fresh coffee with a simple press of a button.

Brewmatic Built-In Coffee MakerThis under the counter coffee maker connects directly to the water line, making it an instant source of water and excellent to use for prepping hot delicious chocolate, soups, teas and various other stuff.

Its stainless steel construction can certainly improve your kitchen decoration while saving room at the very same time.

In addition, this under counter coffee maker heats up the water to the most favorable temperature to assure the best removal and its business spray head saturates the coffee grounds in its finest level, which all outcomes in to a fantastic tasting cup of warm coffee in your home.

Brewmatic Under Counter Coffee Maker showcases 3 programmable quantity buttons, automatic brew time and a digital time clock.

Designed to last for many years, this under the counter coffee maker is really simple to make use of and provides you an opportunity to make several cups of coffee effortlessly.

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Things to Know Before Buying Under Cabinet Coffee Maker.

  • Cup Capacity: This is one of the things that you need to consider. Evaluate self on how much coffee is taken in a day to be able to get to the item that will serve your needs best. There are coffee makers that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in one single cycle that will delight you when you are an avid fan of coffee.
  • Design: Just like in choosing meticulously your kitchen appliances, the design of the under the counter coffee maker should also be put to mind to fit in with the different modern appliances in the kitchen. Modern designed coffee makers are sleeker that it comes to fit almost all modern kitchens. There is also a choice of black and silver slates to perfectly match it up with your kitchen counter and under the counter essentials.
  • Safety Features: Among the heavy features that you are looking for in an under cabinet coffee maker, you should also think about the safety features equipping the coffee maker too. Sometimes, you can be so in a hurry that you may even forget to unplug appliances. The worst case scenario is that you will end up losing your precious belongings because it has been caught on fire. This is how important a simple safety button for a coffee maker is. Look for the ones with safety features such as the auto shut off feature to serve you with the safety deals. This is not hard to find though as new waves of coffee makers serve this same function.
  • Ease of Use: The convenience of using the product is probably one of the most “not-to-miss-thing” in choosing an under counter coffee maker. In the fast paced society where everyone may seem to be in a hurry to do tasks, there are some simple things at home that have to deal with this speed. An under the counter coffee maker should be the same. In choosing the coffee maker that best fits your fast paced lifestyle, read on the labels to see what it can do. Choose ones with comprehensive control panels that will surely start its brewing prowess in just a few taps or clicks. There are certain under counter coffee maker having timers set to brew you cups even when you are still at your bed too. It is then possible to wake up with an aromatic brewed coffee served right when you need a mood booster.
  • Price: This is the last yet important thing that you should consider. Think about the money that you are willing to spend for a coffee maker in order to work on the range that you can afford to also cut on the choosing time. The price may not always equate to quality as there are some decent products coming in affordable prices too. Be wary in considering this item on your checklist to save you from overpaying.


How to Clean an Under the Cabinet Coffee Maker

After a few cycles of brewing, there is a need to have the under counter coffee maker cleaned to get rid of granules of beans stuck. To brew a perfectly tasting coffee, there should be no residues left from the previous cycle. With this, you can just pour hot water in the carafe to tame hard sticking coffee residues. Pour out water and let it dry. After which, you can clear up bacteria not seen through naked eye by sprinkling the carafe with baking soda. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry again.

Some modern under counter coffee maker even has the self-clean function that will save you from actually touching the carafe. The appliance does the cleaning by itself. With just a push of a button, the under cabinet coffee maker is cleansed to perfection.


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Under the counter coffee maker is really great additions to home given the positive attributes it lives up. But before you can actually get hold of these positive deals, there is a need to seek for the best under counter coffee maker in the land guided with the checklist of the things to consider.

The under counter coffee maker is an appliance worthy of your time to scout though. So the next time you will need a buddy to make your life easier in the kitchen, why not grab this decent little appliance?